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The programs of the welfare activity of the Foundation aims to raise funds to provide help to orphans, gifted and talented children, young people with limited functionality, elderly people, as well as churches.

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«Legal protection»

The aim of program is the organization of free legal protection and legal assistance to orphans, guardians of children, large families, single mothers, disabled since childhood.



The aim of program is the provision of moral, financial, legal and other assistance to orphans, orphanages and children who are under the tutelage and attraction of public attention and media to the problems of orphans and children with limited functionality.


The aim of program is the prevention of homelessness and offenses of children by involving the public and the media to discuss and solve the problems of waifs. The program provides opening of shelters for homeless children, assistance for existing shelters, attracting foreign charity organizations to implement the program.



The aim of program — to promote the maintenance and strengthening of physical and psychological health of orphans who live in family homes. The program involves purchasing of expensive medicines and equipment, organization of orphans treatment including treatment abroad.


The program involves urgent financial and other assistance to families, guardians of orphans and large families. The involvement of public opinion through the media to the problems of orphans and large families, assistance in finding sponsors for large families.


«Sun for All»

The aim of program is the organization of summer recreation for children — orphans in summer camps. The program is focused on specialized changes for children — orphans in summer camps.


«Tomorrow to school»

The aim of program is the preparation of children — orphans and children with limited functionality for the new school year. The program involves the purchase of school supplies, textbooks, sports uniform and shoes.


«Holiday in every family»

The aim of program is to create an atmosphere of Holiday for each child during the celebration of St. Nicholas, Christmas and New Year Holidays, creating the conditions in which the orphan child wouldn’t feel like a second–class citizen. The program involves the delivery of Christmas gifts to children and organizing of festivities.



The aim of program is the provision of psychological, legal and material support of former orphanages and boarding schools. The program provides assistance in mastering the specialty and employment.


«Black Cloud»

The aim of program is the protection of physical, mental, spiritual and social health of students. The program provides an integrated approach: distribution of printed products among youth, training of young people by the themes: the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions and spread of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS by the method «equal — to equal», also Ukrainian Orthodox Church priests seminars holding, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church clergy and the Greek — Catholic and Roman — Catholic churches with teachers, parents and their children. The program involves the creation of crisis center for young people on the basis of St. Andrew Cathedral in Kyiv.

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